Ratauli Yuba Club is a non-profit Making organization which was established in BS 2047 (1991 AD ) in Mahottari District  and is affiliated with Social Welfare Council, of Nepal. It aims to promote socio-economic, social justices, environmental and political condition of the local people through rights-based, good governance, participatory and democratic process to eliminate social evils, illiteracy, ignorance, poor health, undemocratic norms, immorality, discriminatory practices, and environmental degradation.

Mahottari is one of the most backward districts if compared to other districts of terai. The continuous floods and flawed governmental policies have turned this district from a food surplus to a food deficient district. The backwardness of the district is evident from the fact that instances of caste violence, cultural violence, domestic violence against women, rising trend of  tobacco/drug (Ganja) cultivation, women/child trafficking, child marriage etc, has found space in the national and local press. Safe Water and sanitation situation of district is extremely poor in district in term of open defecation, drainage, waste water management, solid waste management, quality of drinking water. Youth group of   Mahottari district have been migrating to third country for unskilled labor based job due to lacking of opportunity of employment in district. District has the serious problem of collapsing of uterus. District has been also affected from HIV, typhoid, jaundice, diarrhea. District is also suffered from poor governance system. District is suffered from serious flood hazards with problem of siltation in rainy season as well as drought in summer season.

So, we came together to overcome this backwardness of Mahottari and other districts of terai through establishing NGO. We made our strategy to act in complementary and supplementary of governmental organizations and act in coordination and partnership with   governmental, bilateral, international and national non-governmental organizations to address the mentioned problem to bring positive change.