Sambhav/Zero tolerance  Project financial or technical supported by US Aid ,Unicef ,Restless Development  implementation  Ratauli yuwa club in Mahottari District’s 50 school and also communities base . Schools do not exist in social isolation from their communities. Gender inequalities, violence in the home, and social norms are often reflected in incidents related to gender-based violence at school. This initiative intends to clarify social expectations and practice to reduce negative behaviors in schools. According to a survey conducted by UNICEF in 2014, 66% of school-going children in Nepal have experienced physical violence while 22% have experienced psychological violence by teachers. Similarly, the percentage of children experiencing physical and psychological violence by peers at school is 28% and 15% respectively. The same survey found that 12% of children have been victims of sexual violence at school. Education has the potential to transform and empower young people, particularly girls. In 2015, the Government of Nepal launched the academic year with the slogan “End Gender-Based Violence at School” and has been active in raising awareness about this issue. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, USAID and UNICEF are partnering to support the government in these efforts over the next three years.


  • Girls and Boys, particularly from marginalized communities, are supported to transition into and remain in schools, improve their learning and become empowered members of their communities.
  • Schools are safe spaces free of all forms of gender based  violence, where boys and girls are able to equitably learn complete primary and secondary education and become empowered members of their communities.

Coverage district/Guapalika/Nagar palika/ ward (current)

The project has been covering Mahottari district’s listed Rural/municipality below:

  1. Jaleshwar Municipality
  2. Ekdara Rural Municipality
  3. Manarashiswa Municipality
  4. Balawa Municipality
  5. Bhangaha Municipality
  6. Bardibash Municipality
  7. Loharpatti Municipality
  8. Pipara Municipality
  9. Mathihani Municipality

Detail of Program implemented school  

S.N. District Name of School Gaupalika/ Nagarpalika Ward No.
1 Mahottari Sri Ra. H.S.S .Banarjhula,Pashupatinagar Bardibas Municipality 9
2 Mahottari Sri Durga S.S. Pathalaiya Bardibas Municipality 9
3 Mahottari Sri JanhitNandlal H.S.S. Chowlikha Bardibas Municipality 6
4 Mahottari Sri Ra. L.S.S. Premnagar Bardibas Municipality 7
5 Mahottari Sri Janjagriti S.S. kisannagar Bardibas Municipality 6
6 Mahottari Sri Janta H.S.S. Bijalpura Bardibas Municipality 5
7 Mahottari Ne.Ra.Narayan L. S. S. Chalki Bardibas Municipality 2
8 Mahottari Sri Shankar H.S.S. Meg. Gorhanna Bhangaha Municipality 2
9 Mahottari Sri Narayan S.S. Meg. Gorhanna Bhangaha Municipality 7
10 Mahottari Sri Janta L.S.S. Banara Bhangaha Municipality 4
11 Mahottari Sri H.S.S. BhangahaSitapur Bhangaha Municipality 5
12 Mahottari Sri Rastriya L.S.S. Ramnagar Bhangaha Municipality 4
13 Mahottari Sri Janta L.S.S. Rajpur Bhangaha Municipality 5
14 Mahottari Sri Secondry school Badiya Balawa Municipality 2
15 Mahottari Sri Janata L.S.S. Banchauri Balawa Municipality 1
16 Mahottari Sri MaithaliBalabh S.S. Padaul Balawa Municipality 3
17 Mahottari Sri Ja. Ra.S.S. Dhamaura Balawa Municipality 10
18 Mahottari Sri Birendra L.S.S. Adhyanpur Balawa Municipality 9
19 Mahottari Sri Janta H.S.S. Banauta Balawa Municipality 7
20 Mahottari Sri MansiphMahabir L.S.S. Balawa Balawa Municipality 5
21 Mahottari Sri Yog Kumar H.S.S. Balawa Balawa Municipality 6
22 Mahottari Sri Ha.Aa.Ka. L.S.S. Balawa Balawa Municipality 6
23 Mahottari Sri Sarswati H.S.S. Tharuwahi Jaleshwor Municipality 12
24 Mahottari Sri Ra. L.S.S. Mailbara Jaleshwor Municipality 5
25 Mahottari Sri H.S.S. Bakharibhat Jaleshwor Municipality 14
26 Mahottari Sri Janata H.S.S. Kolhuwabagiya ManarashiswaMunicipality 7
27 Mahottari Sri Ne.Ra. L.S.S. Bahedajabdi Manara shiswaMunicipality 6
28 Mahottari Sri H.S.S. Ekadarabela Manarashiswa Municipality 5
29 Mahottari Sri S.S. Sahasram Manarashiswa Municipality 9
30 Mahottari Sri S.S. Kataiya ManarashiswaMunicipality 6
31 Mahottari Shree Ra.Na.a.u.H.S.SPipara Pipara Rural Municipality 4
32 Mahottari Shree Adarsh H.S.S. Ratauli Pipara Rural Municipality 6
33 Mahottari Shree RamdevJanta H.S.S Bhrampura Loharpatti Municipality 7
34 Mahottari Shree S.s.Banauli Pipara Rural Municipality 7
35 Mahottari Shree S.S. School KhairwaEkrahiya Pipara Rural Municipality 1
36 Mahottari Shree S.S. Sahodba Pipara Rural Municipality 5
37 Mahottari Shree Nepal RastriyaJanta S.S. Majhaura, Bisanppur Mathiyani Municipality 1
38 Mahottari Shree Ne.Ra.Ja. L. S.S. Ekrahiya Pipara Rural Municipality 1
39 Mahottari Shree Ne.Ra.Aa.Sa.Lo.S.S. Hardiya Pipara Rural Municipality 5
40 Mahottari Shree RastryaLo.S.S.Atrar, Ekrahiya Pipara Rural Municipality 2
41 Mahottari Shree mahendra H.S.S. Shingiyahi Bhangaha Municipality 1
42 Mahottari Shree RamjankiLo.S.S. Kabilasasingiyahi Bhangaha Municipality 1
43 Mahottari Shree H.S.S. KhuttaPiparadhi Loharpatti Municipality 4
44 Mahottari Shree Bherukhi H.S.S. Loharpatti Loharpatti Municipality 6
45 Mahottari Shree RambatiJagdebJa. H.S.S. Bagada Loharpatti Municipality 1
46 Mahottari Shree rastriay S.S. Piparadhi Loharpatti Municipality 4
47 Mahottari Shree SarayugAsharamLo.S.S. Dharampur Bhangaha Municipality 8
48 Mahottari Shree Ra.Lo.S.S. PradiyaDharampur Bhangaha Municipality 8
49 Mahottari Shree Lo S.S. Madhepura, Bagada Loharpatti Municipality 2
50 Mahottari Shree JanataLo.S.S. Mahadaiya Loharpatti Municipality 3

Duration of project   

Sept 2016 to Dec 2018