Community Voice

“When RYC came here, we have few toilets. Open space & Roadside was our public Toilet. Women use to go out early morning or late night.  We didn’t have save drinking water. We drank well water. We didn’t know how to clean it. Our health status was very disastrous & our settlement was very dirty. We have model house but no toilet. In our community, there is a belief that toilets should not be built inside the house, RYC supported us in forming WSUC, WTSS and raised awareness & capacity building of group. We aware about sanitation & important of toilet, now people contrast toilet. The people of our community do not defecate outside. Some people were not convicted to build toilet. But we aware & force them was the Ghardilo Campaign Daly we broke the conviction. Now 90% toilet completed & we regularly flow up.  So changes are quite obvious. Improved Sanitation & Hygiene Behavior (use of Toilet, Hand washing in Critical time, waste management etc.) in the community people. Our surrounding is a lot of cleaner then before and our health status has improved”

-Dipmaya Shrestha (Member Ramnagar Birta WSUC, Bhagha Sitapaur)