Save the children funded “Sammunati-Bal balika ko lagi” (Sponsorship) program has been implementing from August 2017 at Jaleshwar municipality in the local partnership of Ratauli Yuwa Club (RYC) Mahottari. The major goal of the program is to strengthen the capacity of community level structures for serving the quality services by implement ECCD, BE, SHN, AD/ASST, ASRH and Livelihood program in community for ensuring the child protection, child participation, child survival, child development and increase in the access of education to all because Education is one of the fundamental infrastructures of development. The importance of education is common to every country whether underdeveloped or developed. The world experiences heightened need of knowledge. It is essential to realize and invest in education for better development opportunities in the future. To some extent, Nepalese seem to be ignorant in this regard and have been losing the benefits from being educated. So, the program has been conducting activities to assist in community development for access of children in education, cognitive, physical, mental and health development of children by various types of implementing relevant vision, interventions and its monitoring and evaluation through community mobilization and enhancing the capacity of stakeholders, elected bodies and local government.

The event “Municipality level education plan development workshop” organized for fulfills the programs objectives and goal. It supports to develop the updated and generation demanded education plan for Jaleshwar municipality.


Jaleshwar municipality develops the education plan according to constitution and national education policy is the main objectives of event.

Specific objectives:

  • To support the municipality in updated and generation demanded municipality level education plan development
  • To rapport building with education related stakeholders of municipality
  • To conduct the education related activities easily and smoothly


The event “Municipality level education plan development workshop” successfully organized on the date of 4th and 5th October (2 days) at meeting hall of Nepal Red cross society Jaleshwar Mahottari .