Education Program

  • Construction of a primary school in Dheerapur VDC of Mahottari district.
  • Increased awareness of 584 boys and girls on Health and Personal Hygiene  through classes.
  • Facilitated 930 children not going to school to take admission in primary schools in 5 VDCs of Mahottari.
  • 700 illiterate women of 20 VDCs of Mahottari were made literate through informal education.
  • 375 girls of age 9 to 14 who were bereft of formal education were made literate through non-formal education.
  • Increased awareness on education of 500 women of 4 VDCs trough Radio program called “Knowledge is power”.
  • 500 women of age 15 to 45 of 21 groups were made literate through non-formal education.
  • 304 children facilitated to make birth certificates and admission in primary schools.
  • Provided scholarship to 40 girl & 40 Boys students.